7 Reasons San Luis Obispo Should Be the First Place You Visit in 2021

January 4, 2021

San Luis Obispo (SLO) is a city, region, and county that’s part of the California Central Coast. It’s filled with several opportunities to explore nature and history. It’s also a location that provides unique opportunities to both shop and dine. Therefore, it’s the spot where you should make your first travel visit in 2021. Here are seven reasons why.

1. The Climate

Similar to other areas in the Central Coast and Southern California regions, SLO remains temperate throughout the year. Days are mild, with temperatures in the mid-60s and low 70s. Nighttime temperatures drop into the mid-40s, which is definitely much warmer than a winter evening in Colorado or New England.

2. The Coastline

SLO County offers visitors 80 miles of coastline, ranging from sandy beaches to craggy outcrops. Those who visit have the opportunity to sunbathe, swim, and surf. They can also kayak through some of the rockier areas or scuba dive to discover sunken ships and other abandoned relics from the past.

3. The History

The city of San Luis Obispo is one of the state’s oldest European-based communities. It was established by Spaniards in the 1700s. Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, which opened in 1772, still stands. Unlike other missions across the state, the one in SLO is open to tourists every day throughout the year.

4. Nature

San Luis Obispo County has more than just beaches. It also boasts hills that bloom with different colors in spring. To the east are a series of peaks called the Nine Sisters. These grow lush with green grass and wildflowers in the warmer months. Even in the winter, the area is a fine place to hike and bike.

5. Wine Tasting

Napa Valley isn’t the only location in California that’s home to wine making. SLO County also has its share of wineries. There are enough of these in the area that a Pacific Coast Wine Trail has been established for visitors to follow and sample wines along the way. Take a day trip to enjoy some wine tasting and return to your hotel near San Luis Obispo ready for some rest and relaxation by the pool or spa. 

6. A Sense of Community

Not every California town can say they make visitors feel at home. Yet SLO does exactly that. Those who come to the city feel like they’re residents, particularly if they stop by events like the Downtown Thursday Night Farmers’ Market, where they can mingle with residents while sampling food unique to the area.

7. Arts & Culture

The art scene is alive and well in SLO. In addition to a modern performing arts center, San Luis Obispo features regular events at the famous Fremont Theatre. Additionally, the city opens up its art galleries and other venues on the first Friday of each month. This allows visitors to explore spaces they wouldn’t normally see. 

When you visit San Luis Obispo in the new year, you’ll find so much to enjoy you won’t be able to do everything on your list in just one day, so make sure to reserve a room at Sands Inn & Suites, a premier San Luis Obispo hotel. Bring the whole family to our pet-friendly inn and enjoy our wide variety of amenities, including an on-site gym, heated outdoor pool and spa, complimentary breakfast buffet, and free WiFi. Our staff is dedicated to making your stay unforgettable, so call us to reserve your room today at (800) 441-4657.

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