What’s Special about San Luis Obispo?

December 10, 2020

As breathtaking as San Luis Obispo is with its 100 miles of gorgeous coastline, beauty isn’t this city’s only claim to fame or all it has to offer. Whether you enjoy exploring the outdoors, shopping the days away, visiting museums and historical landmarks, experiencing the exciting nightlife, or just kicking back and lounging, San Luis Obispo, California, is the ideal place to vacation and create lasting memories.

History & Culture

Located almost midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Luis Obispo boasts a rich culture and history that make it perfect for adventurers, explorers, historians, and sightseers alike. The county was established in 1850, deeming it one of California’s oldest European-founded communities as well as one of the original 27 counties in the state. Its 3,300 square miles offer an amazing variety of art and history museums, historical landmarks, forests, nature trails, and endless possibilities for exploration.

San Luis Obispo is home to five fascinating historic districts, each representing a different period in time. More than 180 of its buildings have been labeled as official city historic resources, and three of these historic resource buildings have also been identified as California Historic Landmarks. You’re certain to find beautiful buildings and landmarks you’ll never forget.

Outdoor Fun

In addition to history and culture, the city also offers a plethora of outdoor sports to try, ranging from hiking, horseback riding, sailing, and surfing to kayaking, diving, kiteboarding, and more. There’s a multitude of lush golf courses, public parks perfect for get-togethers, skate parks, and dog parks to visit as well. After a day of fun in the parks, take a walk along the beach under the clear starry sky before returning to your hotel. SLO visitors who enjoy outdoor activities will adore San Luis Obispo at any time of year.


Bicycling has grown into a widely popular mode of transportation in the city. If you’re a bike rider, your options for trails and activities are nearly endless. Cycling is so popular in San Luis Obispo that there’s an area called Bill Roalman Bike Boulevard that prioritizes bicycle traffic. Cyclists have their very own special traffic signal—one of only a handful in the United States—and every month, bicycle riders gather at Mission Plaza and ride together throughout the city in celebration.

Music, Film, Art, Shopping, & Wine

If popular culture is more your style, scenes from the movies My Blue Heaven and Murder by Numbers were filmed in San Luis Obispo, and there are multiple movie theaters throughout the area. The city regularly hosts fun outdoor concerts, art shows, and film festivals, and it’s also home to a wide variety of shopping opportunities, including farmers’ markets, malls, eclectic shops, and specialty boutiques. For a more relaxing and low-key experience, San Luis Obispo has impressive wine regions that offer delicious wine tastings, tours, and other activities.

San Luis Obispo, CA, is an unforgettable destination for both business and leisure travelers. Explore “The Happiest City in America” and make a reservation at Sands Inn & Suites, a premier local hotel. San Luis Obispo visitors return again and again to our AAA Three-Diamond property, which features soothing Spanish-inspired décor, a tranquil fountain area, a heated outdoor pool and spa, and amenities such as free WiFi, gym access, and parking. Call us at (800) 441-4657 today to reserve your room or suite. 

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