Fantastic Activities when You’re Traveling Solo in San Luis Obispo

June 10, 2021

Often topping the lists of the most fun places to visit in central California, San Luis Obispo is a charming city with a lively downtown area and an assortment of unique, historic, and tasty offerings. If you happen to be planning a visit to the city dubbed the “happiest place in America” by yourself, there are many things you’re welcome to include on the itinerary for your solo visit.

Walk the Bustling, Tree-Lined Downtown Streets

Downtown San Luis Obispo has tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly streets where you can take in the sights and meet some of the locals—many of whom will gladly share “insider knowledge” of area sights and flavors to check out. As long as you’re casually strolling downtown SLO’s streets during your solo visit, you may want to make your way to any of the following locations in this area:

• The one-of-a-kind boutique shops found here
• Local art galleries
• The Downtown SLO Farmers’ Market held here every Thursday from 6–9 p.m.

Snap a Selfie in Bubblegum Alley

Treat your friends back home or online to a pic of yourself in Bubblegum Alley. Also located in downtown SLO, it’s a 70-foot alley lined with—you guessed it—bubblegum deposited by locals and out-of-towners along its walls over the years.

Plan a Solo Hike

If you have an appreciation for outdoor activities and nature, pack some hiking gear for your solo visit to San Luis Obispo. Boasting an elevation of more than 1,500 feet, Bishop Peak is one of the more popular hiking destinations in the SLO area. The Poly Canyon and Mount Lowe trails are equally serene and picturesque, which means more selfie opportunities. Enjoy a hearty breakfast at a neighborhood restaurant close to your hotel near San Luis Obispo and head out for a day of relaxation only nature’s wonders can provide.

Visit the Leaning Pine Arboretum

Located on the northern part of the California Polytechnic State University campus, this is where you can casually view an assortment of trees, shrubs, and other mostly native garden attractions at your own pace. You’ll also find theme-based gardens here, like the Dwarf and Unusual Conifer Garden.

Dine to Your Heart’s Content

San Luis Obispo has an abundance of restaurants, cafés, and eateries that can be perfect for solo meals to enjoy on-site, outdoors, or in your hotel room if you opt to pick up your order when this option is available. You’ll have a choice of everything from deli delights and authentic Italian, Japanese, and Mexican palate pleasers to regionally flavored and prepared pizzas and locally sourced dishes.

See an Outdoor Movie

Sunset Drive-In is one of the top attractions for moviegoers in San Luis Obispo. It’s also one you can conveniently and safely enjoy outdoors right in your own car or in one you rent for use during your stay here.

Drive the California Highway 1 Discovery Route

If you drive here or rent a car for your stay, take a solo drive along this 101-mile stretch of road. The drive itself is very scenic. Plus, there are also many local roadside attractions you’ll love discovering as you drive.

Take a Day Trip to Pismo Beach

Soak up the sun during your solo visit to San Luis Obispo by taking a short trip to nearby Pismo Beach. This gorgeous, laid-back community has 23 miles of shoreline you’re free to explore and enjoy while here. It’s also a perfect place for solo activities that could include fishing, kayaking, surfing, swimming, or scuba diving. 

No matter what kind of relaxing solo getaway you’re looking for, you’re certain to find San Luis Obispo is an ideal destination. If you’re searching for a charming, pet-friendly place to welcome you at the end of a day of exploring, you’ll love the soothing Spanish-inspired décor and exceptional service at Sands Inn & Suites. From our beautifully appointed rooms to our tranquil fountain area and heated pool and spa, we can provide you with the perfect relaxing escape. To learn more about our amenities or reserve your room at our premier San Luis Obispo hotel, call us today at (800) 441-4657.

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