Where Are the Best Places in San Luis Obispo to Take Pictures for Instagram?

October 14, 2021

Perched near the Santa Lucia Mountains, the “happiest place in America” that is San Luis Obispo is a picturesque coastal destination. For this reason, it’s also a great place to take pictures to post on Instagram as you check out local sights. If you have plans to visit SLO soon, keep reading to discover some of the best places to snap some pics that will dazzle your Instagram followers, brought to you by the people who know the area best, the friendly staff at Sands Inn & Suites, a premier San Luis Obispo boutique hotel you can rely on for exceptional service and comfort.

Higuera Street

Higuera Street is a bustling thoroughfare with impressive buildings and plenty of places where you can capture the lively scene here. If you come here on Thursdays, you’ll be treated to an added festive ambience for your Instagram pics thanks to the farmers’ market that occurs weekly on this street. On the first Thursday of each month, there’s also a themed bike night after the farmers’ market.

Downtown SLO

San Luis Obispo has a tree-lined downtown area where you can find many places to take photos to sprinkle throughout your Instagram page. As long as you’re strolling through the downtown area and looking for something that catches your eye, don’t forget to head to any of the following photo-worthy spots in downtown SLO:

• Bubblegum Alley – Take some selfies next to some of the many used pieces of bubblegum clinging to the walls throughout this very unique downtown alley.

• San Luis Obispo Creek – There’s a bridge that spans this creek, which flows right through downtown SLO. It’s an excellent place to get some pics of the creekside trees and other scenic wonders on display here.

Sinsheimer Park & Santa Rosa Park

When you make your way to either one of these popular local SLO parks, you’ll have no problem finding some impressive sights to capture for your Instagram posts. If you’ll be coming with friends or family members, you could even playfully pose on playground equipment or in any of the various open spaces in these parks, many of which provide eye-catching natural backdrops.

Pismo Beach & the Pismo Beach Pier

Take a short trip to nearby Pismo Beach if you prefer to wow your Instagram followers with awesome beach pictures. The shoreline here spans 60 acres, so there are multiple vantage points to choose from for perfect pic opportunities. An especially inviting spot for photos is the Pismo Beach Pier. Recently renovated, it’s where you can capture amazing sunsets and other visual delights as waves gently roll in below the pier.

Bishop Peak

Spanning more than 1,500 feet, Bishop Peak will reward you with an abundance of stunning Instagram photos. There’s a trailhead on Patricia Drive that gently takes you upward so you’ll be able to stop at multiple points to take pics. The trip to the summit is also fairly moderate on this trail, so it’s a safe way to get to the top if your main goal is to take photos.

Visitors to San Luis Obispo will find so much to enjoy they’ll want to stay for several days. If you’re looking for high-quality service at an exceptionally comfortable hotel near San Luis Obispo, reach out to the friendly staff at Sands Inn & Suites. We have everything our guests need for a relaxing stay. Our wide array of amenities include refrigerators, microwave ovens, flat-screen TVs with digital cable, and complimentary high-speed WiFi. To learn more about our exceptional accommodations, call us today at (800) 441-4657.

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