Where Are the Best Spots to Get Some “Me Time” in San Luis Obispo?

January 27, 2022

San Luis Obispo’s laid-back atmosphere and small-town charm make it the perfect destination for getting some “me time.” The varied terrain of the area appeals to outdoor enthusiasts. Various cuisine options served by local restaurants along with the fact that the community is part of California’s wine country make San Luis Obispo appealing to foodies. There are also plenty of arts and cultural destinations and venues to take in local entertainment.

Enjoy the Beach

Avila Beach lies a mere 15 minutes west of downtown San Luis Obispo and welcomes families and their four-legged friends. The location has picnic spots where you can gaze upon the sunrise or sunset. Ice cream shops, seafood restaurants, and wine bars are some of the venues that line the beach promenade. Along with basking in the sun, guests also have the option of boarding a cruise to go whale watching or take in local sights. Perhaps rent a paddleboard and get a bit of exercise while enjoying the view. Venture to the natural hot springs and experience total body relaxation.

Go for a Hike

After enjoying a good night’s sleep at your hotel near San Luis Obispo, head out for a day of exhilarating “me time” surrounded by natural beauty. San Luis Obispo has a number of hiking trails that provide spectacular views while you’re exploring canyons, the coastline, or the mountains. The Reservoir Canyon Trail spans a little more than five miles round-trip and takes hikers through oak groves, along the rivers, and to a waterfall. Laguna Lake has a two-mile path surrounding it as well as an exercise course and a disc golf course. Wildflowers adorn the path during springtime. Venture to the Cerro San Luis Natural Reserve and embark on the Madonna Mountain Hike, which offers a four-mile round-trip trek. Maybe take to the trails by bike or go horseback riding. 

Learn about Wine Making

The Wine History Project provides a rare glimpse into the history of viticulture in the region by offering films, lectures, publications, and exhibits. The facility on Broad Street enables visitors to learn about the people who started the industry in the county. See the equipment used over the years for planting, protecting, and harvesting the grapes in addition to what’s required for the wine-making process. Learn about the grapes needed to make specific wines and attend a testing event.

Explore the Local Art Scene

The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art has a collection of permanent exhibits along with traveling exhibitions. The facility houses works created by 20th-century artists from the immediate area as well as pieces demonstrating the talents of artists from other national and international locations. Pieces on display include drawings, paintings, sculptures, and textiles. The downtown area also has a number of art galleries where art lovers can view the works of local artists. On the first Friday of each month, the community hosts the “Art After Dark” event, which invites all to enjoy touring the galleries and other art-related venues.

No matter what kind of relaxing getaway you’re looking for, you’re certain to find the ideal spot in San Luis Obispo. If you’re looking for a charming, pet-friendly place to welcome you at the end of a day of exploring, you’ll love the soothing Spanish-inspired décor and exceptional service at Sands Inn & Suites. From our beautifully appointed rooms to our tranquil fountain area and heated pool and spa, we can provide you with the perfect relaxing escape. To learn more about our amenities or reserve your room at our premier San Luis Obispo boutique hotel, call us today at (800) 441-4657.

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