San Luis Obispo’s Top Places to Relax

October 12, 2020

Nestled in Southern California’s Central Coast region, San Luis Obispo is California’s perfect getaway. Known for its unparalleled wineries, rich European history, and stunning sights, it’s no wonder the area continues to see large tourism growth every year. Listed below are the top places to relax and unwind in beautiful San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

The region’s botanical garden is home to vegetation from more than five different Mediterranean climates. Sprawled across dozens of acres, the dazzling variety of plants, flowers, and trees bring visitors closer to nature in a peaceful setting. The garden has plans to continue expanding, with the total number of acres amounting to 150 when finished.

El Chorro Regional Park

Those looking for the ideal spot for a picnic in the park need look no further than El Chorro. With idyllic views of lush greenery and mountains, this park is the best place to enjoy an afternoon picnic or barbecue after a relaxing hike. Those who like a little action with their park experience can try out the park’s volleyball court.

Poly Canyon Loop

Animal fans will fall in love with this unique part of the area. The hiking trail is dotted with cows and horses grazing serenely. Another noteworthy aspect of the trail is the variety of structures of distinctive shapes and sizes found throughout the region. The structures are a mix of artistic pieces and functional housing, making for an intriguing viewing experience. After getting ready at your hotel near San Luis Obispo, head out for a day of relaxation only nature’s wonders can provide.

Fisherman’s Beach

It’s not possible to talk about relaxing in California without mentioning a beach. Fisherman’s is perfect for families and solo visitors alike, and it’s the ideal place to catch up on your tan or enjoy a refreshing swim, leisurely boat ride, or long stroll. Near the beach, an ice cream shop and a café offer a nice way to wrap up a day of beach fun. Alternatively, visitors can enjoy the delicious fare at restaurants that surround the beach.

Soda Lake

For those who prefer lakes over beaches, this alkaline lake is definitely worth a visit. With no drainage point, the water sits perfectly still until it evaporates in the summer season. Besides being a top place to snap an awesome social media picture, it’s also the number one place to sit back and meditate while soaking in the unbelievable sights.

Bishop Peak

Individuals with more hiking experience won’t want to miss a trek up Bishop Peak. Rising to 1,500 feet, the mountain offers panoramic views of the city below, with the most striking views occurring during sunrise and sunset. Even better, Bishop Peak is the highest of the Nine Sisters group of mountains surrounding the area, giving all its hikers bragging rights.

No matter what kind of relaxing getaway you’re looking for, you’re certain to find the ideal spot in San Luis Obispo. If you’re looking for a charming, pet-friendly place to welcome you at the end of a day of exploring, you’ll love the soothing Spanish-inspired décor and exceptional service at Sands Inn & Suites. From our beautifully appointed rooms to our tranquil fountain area and heated pool and spa, we can provide you with the perfect relaxing escape. To learn more about our amenities or reserve your room at our premier San Luis Obispo hotel, call us today at (800) 441-4657.

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