Safety Protocols

Safety Is Our Top Priority

At Sands Inn & Suites, the health, safety, and wellbeing of our guests and employees are always our primary concern. To provide the safest possible environment, we practice careful adherence to all guidelines set forth by the county and state as well as the safety precautions recommended by the CDC. We train all our staff to follow the highest standards of sanitation practices, and we’ve augmented our usual operating procedures with additional preventive measures to add an extra level of protection for our guests and team members. It isn’t possible to completely prevent the chance of exposure to infectious disease, but we’ve implemented practices to strengthen our already rigorous standards of cleanliness so we can continue to make sure our guests enjoy maximum levels of comfort and outstanding service.

Guest Guidelines: Masks & Social Distancing

When you’re not in your room, please use a face covering and follow social distancing practices at all times. You’ll find signs posted in public areas throughout our building detailing the proper use of masks as well as guidelines for physical distancing. In addition, we’ve posted signs at our entrance advising guests not to enter if they’re sick or experiencing symptoms of illness. We provide hand sanitizer at the front desk for all guests and staff. All our team members have been thoroughly trained in our augmented safety practices, so if you have any questions, our staff will be happy to answer them for you.

Staff Safety Protocols

For the maximum safety of our guests and employees, we’ve instituted the following enhanced procedures for our staff:

  • All team members are required to practice physical distancing and wear face coverings
  • Employees are required to have their temperature checked prior to beginning their shifts
  • Staff members who perform housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance duties are required to wear gloves
  • Front desk employees have the option to wear gloves, which we provide
  • Front desk employees who choose not to wear gloves are required to use hand sanitizer frequently
  • We provide ongoing staff training based on changes to protocols during the ongoing pandemic

Cleaning & Disinfecting Procedures for Public Areas

We’ve implemented the following procedures to ensure maximum cleanliness in the high-traffic public areas of our hotel:

  • When weather permits, doors are left open
  • If doors must be left closed, they’re disinfected frequently (after each guest use, whenever possible)
  • The lobby, front desk area, and elevators are disinfected frequently throughout the day (between guests when possible)
  • The use of our business center and fitness center is limited to one guest at a time, and these areas are disinfected after each guest's use

Housekeeping Protocols for Guest Rooms

To ensure clean, safe guest rooms, our team members take additional time to follow our augmented cleaning practices. These include:

  • All surfaces in each room are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between guests
  • Special attention is paid to "touch points" such as light switches, telephones, remote controls, alarm clocks, and controls on microwaves and coffee makers
  • Dirty linens are exchanged and additional toiletry items are provided without direct contact
  • All linens are washed at high temperatures
  • Stayover cleaning service isn’t provided, to minimize the risk of possible transmission
  • Reusable collateral, such as magazines and menus, has been removed from all rooms
  • Rooms are left vacant for at least 24 hours between guests whenever possible

Food Service

We’ve suspended food service for the time being. However, coffee service is available in the lobby throughout the day, with the following safety precautions:

  • All condiments are provided in individual serving packs
  • Coffee carafes and prep areas are sanitized frequently (between uses whenever possible)