How Can I Stay Organized when I Travel?

February 14, 2022

When they’re planning to travel to a relaxing destination like San Luis Obispo, organizing various aspects of a weekend getaway or an extended vacation enables individuals to have a more enjoyable experience. Preparation in advance will make the journey smoother. The friendly staff from Sands Inn & Suites, a premier hotel SLO visitors value for its prime location and outstanding service, offer some tips and tricks travelers can use to stay organized before, during, and after leaving home.

Spread the Word

Let others know when and where you’re going and when you expect to return. Have mail held at the post office or arrange for someone to pick it up for you every day. If you’re planning on traveling abroad, inform your credit card companies in advance to prevent problems. Set timers for lights, water your plants, and make boarding arrangements for pets. Otherwise, have a trusted friend or loved one manage the household while you’re away to prevent people from noticing you’re not home.

Use Packing Tricks

Start a packing list days before actually packing anything. Take the list along to ensure nothing gets left behind throughout the journey. Consider your destination and the number of days you’ll be there. List clothing items to ensure you’ll have proper attire and footwear for daytime and nighttime along with any expected activity or climate changes that are apt to occur. Determine what personal care items are necessary. A cell phone might do for taking photographs. However, a waterproof camera and an SD card are better for extensive picture taking.

Consider Organizers

Packing cubes are ideal for keeping items separated, in place, and easily available during your journey while also saving space. A hanging personal care item organizer has pockets for everything. Toothpaste and toothbrushes, body and facial cleansers, contacts and solutions, and all other necessities have their own place, which prevents spillage or container damage. Tech organizers keep chargers, earbuds, headphones, cameras, and other items conveniently in one place. Some brands also have pockets for taking along a laptop or tablet.

Mimic Home

Upon arrival at your San Luis Obispo boutique hotel, consider unpacking as if you’re at home. Take advantage of closet space and dresser drawers to prevent wrinkled clothing. Put personal care items and toiletries in the bathroom for ready use. Keep purses, wallets, and other items you’ll need when you leave the room together and easily accessible.

Download Itinerary Apps

When you’re planning the details of your vacation, an itinerary app might come in handy. This way, you can have flight information, hotel reservations, points of interest, and directions organized all in one spot on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. TripIt is a great app that merely requires users to forward emails, directions, and notes to the platform, which in turn generates an entire itinerary. The software also enables users to conveniently share the information with traveling companions.

With these travel organization tips, you’ll be ready to explore “The Happiest City in America,” so book your room today at Sands Inn & Suites, a premier San Luis Obispo boutique hotel. Visitors return again and again to our AAA Three-Diamond property, which features soothing Spanish-inspired décor, a tranquil fountain area, a heated outdoor pool and spa, and amenities such as free WiFi, gym access, and parking. Call us at (800) 441-4657 to reserve your room or suite. 


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