8 Things to Do before You Travel

September 9, 2021

Preparation is the key to a stress-free trip to an appealing destination like San Luis Obispo. A convenient way to do this is to break down things you’ll need to do in a more manageable way. This way, you’ll ultimately have more time to focus on your getaway once you actually get there. Below, we present eight things to include on your pre-travel checklist.

1. Get Your Home Ready

A good place to start with your pre-travel plans is in your own home. Before you leave, make sure you’ve taken care of the following home-based tasks related to your time away:

• Making arrangements for pet care
• Temporarily stopping mail delivery for your travel dates
• Arranging for a house sitter or someone to check on your home

2. Book/Reserve as Early as Possible

Finding discounts and deals is one of the many perks that goes along with booking and reserving early. Flight arrangements and reservations for your accommodations are two other things you’ll be glad you took care of sooner rather than later. Making early arrangements also gives you more flexibility with travel dates.

3. Brush Up on Airline Requirements

If you’re flying, make sure you’re aware of what you can typically carry on a plane and what you’ll need to do to go through airport security. Also, find out about any guidelines specific to your airline, such as the number of carry-ons allowed. On a related note, see if your airline has online check-in options to further streamline the process.

4. Double-Check Reservations/Bookings

Don’t automatically assume reservations or bookings are all set. There are times when humans or automated systems make errors. Reduce the risk of having unexpected issues at the airport or when you arrive at your San Luis Obispo hotel by double-checking arrangements before you leave or requesting confirmation texts or emails.

5. Bring Clothes Suitable for Intended Activities

You don’t want to overplan when coming to a laid-back destination like San Luis Obispo. Still, you should have a general idea of what you’ll be doing so you can pack suitable clothes. Using SLO as an example, you might pack swimwear if a trip to nearby Pismo Beach is planned, or you might need a light jacket if you’ll be strolling along Higuera Street and other downtown locations later in the day, when temperatures can dip.

6. Take Care of Prescriptions & Other Personal Needs

It’s easier to manage prescriptions when traveling by getting refills from your regular pharmacy before you leave. Also, take care of any other personal needs in advance. If you or someone coming with you has mobility limitations, contact the airline and hotel ahead of time so appropriate arrangements can be made.

7. Make a Travel Budget

From booking early to using frequent flier miles, there are many ways to keep expenses in check when traveling. Another way to accomplish this goal is to put together a general budget for your trip. Allow room for flexibility, but aim to keep it reasonable and based on what you think you’ll spend.

8. Prearrange Any Tours You Wish to Take

Places like San Luis Obispo have so many things to do and see that it can be easier to round out your to-do list by taking a few local tours. Because it’s not unusual for such tours to be fully booked in advance, make arrangements before you arrive, which you can often do online. Popular SLO tour options include:

• Regional wine tours
• Walking/historic tours
• Food-based tours
• Tours including neighboring communities 

When you visit San Luis Obispo, you’ll find so much to enjoy you won’t be able to do everything on your list in just one day, so make sure to reserve a room at Sands Inn & Suites, a premier hotel near San Luis Obispo. Bring the whole family to our pet-friendly inn and enjoy our wide variety of amenities, including an on-site gym, heated outdoor pool and spa, and free WiFi. Our staff is dedicated to making your stay unforgettable, so call us to reserve your room today at (800) 441-4657.

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