What Should I Wear during a January Visit to San Luis Obispo?

January 11, 2021

January is a great time to visit San Luis Obispo (SLO). There aren’t as many tourists, so the attractions are less crowded and noisy. On top of that, residents of SLO and the county of the same name welcome you as one of their own. The only difference between visiting SLO in the summer and winter is the clothes you need to pack. Here are some suggestions from the friendly staff at Sands Inn & Suites, the charming boutique hotel SLO visitors return to again and again for outstanding service and comfortable accommodations.


Like most of Central and Southern California, SLO maintains a mild climate throughout the year. Where daytime temperatures in the summer hover around the upper 70s, January highs are in the mid-60s, which means you can definitely wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts during the day. However, you may want to bring a light jacket or sweater with you if you go to the beach. Sometimes the ocean breeze can cause the temperature at the shore to drop a few degrees. Thus, it can feel somewhat chilly.


Nights in January get cold but not frigid. The average low is in the mid-40s. For some who live in colder climates, this can seem quite warm, but you still want to be prepared. A warm sweater or lightweight coat is fine if you decide to remain inland, and you can retain extra body heat by wearing a hat. If you visit the beach to take an evening stroll or watch the sunset, you want to wear both a sweater and a jacket to protect you from the chilly breeze. 


SLO doesn’t get snow, but it does average six days of rain in January. Sometimes this simply means a dreary, drizzly day, but torrential downpours are possible. Utilize nighttime clothing for these types of days. Additionally, you might need to consider galoshes or some form of waterproof shoes to wear, particularly when it rains harder than normal.


Though California is famous for its beaches, it also has an expansive mountain range that encompasses a good deal of the state. SLO features a few of these peaks, and they’re available for daily hikes. When visiting SLO in January, wear standard mountain-climbing attire, as it’s cooler in these environments. In other words, dress in layers. Though the temperature might be fine at the bottom of these mountains, it gets colder as you climb. Make sure you dress in a lightweight shirt, a sweater, and a jacket. Consider wearing pants with zippered portions you can remove to convert into shorts. On top of this, bring a pair of sturdy hiking shoes or boots. While it’s not excessively hard to climb these mountains, proper hiking footwear can insulate your feet from weather changes. 

San Luis Obispo, CA, is an unforgettable destination at any time of year, and January is no exception. Start planning your vacation in “The Happiest City in America” by making your reservation today at Sands Inn & Suites, a premier local hotel. San Luis Obispo visitors choose us because we offer everything they need for a relaxing vacation, including soothing Spanish-inspired décor, a tranquil fountain area, a heated outdoor pool and spa, and amenities such as free WiFi, gym access, and parking. Call us at (800) 441-4657 to reserve your room or suite.

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