Can You Stay in a Hotel if You Have the Coronavirus?

January 18, 2021

COVID-19 involves more than just preventative steps, although those are certainly important. There are times when you or other individuals in your family may have this virus and be in a position where there’s a need to quarantine. Depending on your situation, this may mean isolating at a hotel, either by choice or necessity. As for whether or not it’s possible to do this, here’s what you need to know, brought to you by the experienced staff at Sands Inn & Suites, a premier hotel San Luis Obispo visitors can rely on for high-quality service and maximum comfort.

Check with the Hotel First

It’s generally possible to stay at a hotel if you have coronavirus as long as the hotel knows this in advance and has a policy in place to deal with such situations. This may also apply if you don’t have the virus but others in your household have it. That said, it’s best to err on the side of caution and contact the hotel first. The main reason to do this is to find out for sure if COVID-19 guests are accepted or if those who are quarantining but not currently infected are welcome.

It’s also important to contact the hotel first to:

• Give the hotel time to prepare
• Allow appropriate precautions to be taken to protect other guests
• Give hotel management a chance to inform staff so they can take appropriate safety steps when interacting with you or other guests with you

Be Respectful of Other Guests & Staff

If you’re quarantining or have COVID-19 and you’re staying at a hotel, be respectful of other guests and staff and their safety concerns. This may mean relying on room service and seeing what no-contact services are offered. Also, be mindful of other guests so you can maintain comfort for yourself and others during your stay.

Realize There May Be Local Guidelines to Follow

In addition to whatever guidelines a hotel has for guests quarantining or those with COVID-19, know that most local communities have guidelines as well. You should be able to find out this information by checking the websites for the state and city the hotel is in. Someone at the hotel should also be able to provide or direct you to this information.

Reasons to Quarantine at a Hotel

As for why you might want to stay at a hotel if you have COVID-19 or you’re quarantining, there are many potential reasons. One possibility is that you may have vulnerable loved ones at home. For instance, you might have elderly parents or grandparents in your household or someone with preexisting health issues who is considered at risk.

You may also opt to quarantine at a hotel for the following reasons:

• You were possibly exposed to COVID while traveling and you don’t want to return home and have your family members need to quarantine, too
• You’re affected by travel restrictions and need to quarantine before you can safely board a plane to return to home
• It would be easier for you to quarantine in a hotel setting where you have safe access to amenities and services

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