How to Get the Most Fun Out of Your San Luis Obispo Vacation

August 9, 2021

With all the planning and scheduling you put into your vacation, thoughts on making those plans as fun as possible may not come to mind. Therefore, you need to make it a priority to find fun ways to enjoy your trip to San Luis Obispo. Book a cozy room at a San Luis Obispo boutique hotel and make sure to follow the tips mentioned below.

Enjoy Nature

Don’t forget to spend time in nature between those trips to the beach. While outdoors, you can rent bicycles and take some of the different routes around town. The air often feels different in new locations, so take time to experience it along with the fresh sounds, smells, and sights. To make bicycle activities more relaxing and less stressful, pack accordingly. For example, you should bring along comfortable clothing and footwear. There are also hiking trails you can go on to make the trip more adventurous and fun.

Take Tours

Whether you travel alone or in a group, this is one of the best activities you can participate in while on vacation in San Luis Obispo, especially if you choose a wine tour. Many of these journeys allow you to hop on and off, which means you can stop when you like and take up another activity. Even if you don’t stay the entire time, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the vineyards in this California spot, and you can taste some of the different options. A bonus is that you can walk back to your destination or jump on the vehicle tour, allowing you to consume wine without worrying about driving. While on the outing, you can meet other people from various places, which is an excellent benefit for solo participants.

Make Plans for the Farmers’ Market

While this may seem like an everyday activity, San Luis Obispo is famous for its farmers’ market, and the experience will be unique. Travelers and residents come to these markets to try out new foods, from pizza to sushi. There’s also live music on most nights, adding a little more festivity to the lovely ambience the market provides.


Staying up to date on news and entertainment via social media is something many people do. However, to make the most out of your trip to San Luis Obispo, it’s best to unplug and enjoy the various attractions and entertainment. While dining at restaurants, try to focus more on the new entrées you’re trying than constantly checking your smartphone. Unplugging allows you to enjoy the vacation much more.

You’re certain to find plenty of fun things to see and do in San Luis Obispo. Bring the whole family and explore SLO’s variety of enjoyable activities while staying with us at Sands Inn & Suites. When they’re looking for a comfortable local hotel, SLO visitors make us their top choice because we offer all the amenities our guests need for a relaxing getaway, including an outdoor heated pool and spa, an on-site gym, free WiFi, and flat-screen TVs with digital cable. Call us at (800) 441-4657 today to reserve your room or suite. 

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